Why 99% of the blogs fail? (updated)4 min read

One cannot imagine the number of blogs and the number of bloggers that exist in our industry and new ones are constantly entering the industry too. Here’s an article giving all the reasons about why 99% of the blogs fail.

People who just post their blogs without putting much efforts and hard work do not really pay attention to the result but blogging and writing a blog and maintaining requires same level of hard work and efforts every day. It is not a onetime affair. Earning is a need for everyone.

Also, in the field of blogging, it is very difficult to keep yourself motivated after seeing all the kinds of failures that blogging brings along with it. One needs to be high in self esteem.

why 99% of the blogs fail and a little more about blogging

Here is a list of reasons why 99% of the blogs fail:

You being not so passionate

As stated above, blogging needs a lot of passion, patience and hard work. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to make your blogging the most important thing in the world for yourself. If you fail to do so you eventually fail to be a successful blogger. Another very important one should focus on is, if you try to write on something which is very different from your field, it fails. You need to find that key area of yours and the topics which attract your interest.

Red signed SEO

SEO: search engine operations needs to be very strong if you try to put your blog up on Google. You need to edit the slug, keywords, Meta descriptions and several other things to get a green signal on your SEO. Adding images, adding image alt descriptions, captions make your SEO even more strong and helps you to be a little more popular on Google than you would have been before all these things.

a bad SEO may be the reason why 99% of the blogs fail

Giving up

This point is one of the most important points under the topic why 99% of the blogs fail. One needs to have a very high self esteem and needs a lot of self motivation. Blogging is the only field which one achieves after a lot of failures and hard work of day and night in a literal sense. Success in blogging can be achieved after having a really strong dedication. You need to create unique and engaging content to keep your audience and readers attracted and keep reading.

Having little knowledge

One needs to ensure that the blog that they are writing should be of the field on which they have complete and full knowledge. Stagnant and little knowledge is a dangerous thing in blogging. You need to have the latest knowledge and be a step ahead from the other bloggers of the same field. You have to share the knowledge which is latest, unique, engaging and new.

High expectations

Blogging demands extremely low expectations. It is true that you should always think positive in whatever you do but not in case of blogging. Bloggers face a lot of failures still keep on writing with the same passion and this is the thing that one needs to have. Even after encountering failures, you need to just keep on writing and never get yourself get disheartened. This should b noted that all the successful bloggers in this world have achieved success only after waiting for a really long time. One expects that he/she will start writing and the views will start making money for them but that is not true.

Not knowing your audience

This is a very imp point. Until and unless you won’t know how to target the correct audience, you won’t achieve success in the field of blogging. You have to know the key areas and the weaknesses of your audience which will keep them engaged and attracted towards you blog writing. You have to create such content which will meet the interest of your audience and readers.

Not promoting enough

In today’s world, where competition is over flowing, it becomes really very imp to promote your blog enough that every reader and writer in your approach knows your blog and blogging page. Just like an online and offline business, blogging needs promotions through face book, WhatsApp, instagram, LinkedIn, twitter and other social media. You may have to go for the paid promotions too in the very beginning of your blogging page and career. Most of the blogs fail because of this point, lack of promotion.

Considering blogging too easy

People do this blunder of considering blogging a piece of cake. Blogging is not just writing content. It is all about writing the correct and engaging content for the right type of audience on the right occasion. It is just like a virtual business which requires a lot of hard work and promotion. You need to consider it difficult and put in efforts likewise. Blogging is an art and one needs to master this art to achieve success.

These were all the reasons why 99% of the blogs fail and the bloggers eventually leaving writing and blogging. Consider these points and try to improve each one of it if you do this.

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