Do you think that you or someone whom you know is a face book addict? This article deals with   symptoms and signs of face book abuse: warning of use & addiction which will let you know all the signs that one should keep an eye open for.

This generation has eventually become addict of so many things without even knowing that they are an addict of it. When we talk about face book, there are currently 1.1 million users of face book who actively use it.

It has become like a daily routine of our lives and to be honest, it has taken over our lives to some extent.

People definitely have got so many benefits out of face book to help connect with close people who live far away, but there are cases that prove that face to face conversations and real time meetings have become less because of face book.

If you want to ensure that you do not become a face book addict, these are some of the points that you should keep in mind and not particularly do.

  1. You should prefer social and face to face meetings and should avoid conversations on chats.
  2. Should not spend more than 10 minutes on face book in 4-5 hours.
  3. One should focus on your working first and should operate face book later.
  4. Face book should not be the first thing of your day.
  5. Face book should not be the last thing of your day.
  6. You should stop posting sensitive comments on face book.

Here is a list which describes signs and symptoms that you or a known person is a face book addict;

Getting a feeling of anxiety after making a post on face book

This is a very common thing that has been brought into notice by many people that they start feeling anxious and continuously keep checking their face book after they make a post on it. If you are someone who does that, my dear friend you are in danger of becoming an addict. Also, if you keep checking the number of likes and reactions your post got, this is also one of the major signs.

Face book offers this like and reaction system to pull its users but somehow this system has pulled the users a little too much. This is like a reward for the users and because of this reward; the users get literally hooked to it.

Deleting posts which have not got desired number of likes

This is the second major complaint which the addicts tell us about this face book addiction. The face book addiction demands that your profile should be up to date and the posts that you make should have enough number of lies and reactions in it. If there are not the desired numbers of likes, the addictive person tends to delete the post to keep his/her profile full of posts which have high number of likes.

This also points towards the low esteem because the person out of low self esteem deletes the post. They start comparing their posts with the posts of their relatives or friends or even some of the fashion bloggers and celebrities.

Pretending that the social life they actually live is better than it actually is

This is one of the biggest sign that one can point out in someone who is a big social media, face book to be specific, addict. The addicts like to pretend that their social and physical life is amazing but is actually is not that good in real life. They would post pictures and videos and present them in a way they should not be presented.

Some of the examples are, one posts pictures like a long walk in a park, even when they are sitting at home. Having coffee with their loved one, even when they are having coffee alone. All these things that actually should be done in real life are being compromised just because you spend so much time on face book rather than reality.

Spending hours on face book

This is a much known and often heard fact that we all keep hearing in our day to day lives. Technically, one should not spend more than 30 minutes on face book in a while but what happens is just the opposite of this. One spends just 30 minutes in real life situations and hours on face book. This should immediately be stopped and should be frowned upon. Too much of anything is bad and this phrase should be very honestly applied by everyone on their lives.

These were all the signs, now here are a few symptoms that indicate that you are an addict;

A sense that you are a paranoid

You get a feeling when you specifically start waiting for replies for your messages. You get anxiety and a question mark in your head questioning that why not this person has replied you yet. Face book just sends the message but does not take the grantee that the person will reply to your message or not. This is one of the major symptoms under symptoms and signs of face book abuse.

Confusion between real and virtual life

There are situations when you post something on face book which has not really happened in real life and you accept that situation as your reality. When this type of confusion starts taking place, you are in a grave danger to becoming a complete face book addict.

Too many friends building habit

This becomes a habit of some people to become friends with almost everyone on their face book even if they do not know the person personally or at all.

These were all the signs and symptoms under the article symptoms and signs of face book abuse: warning of use & addiction that one should be real aware of.

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