Imagine yourself waking up in the morning with the sound of alarm (By morning, I mean at 6- 6:30 am).

Working out and then getting ready to go to your office by catching a flight (chartered) from the nearest airport.

On one moment, you are in London, the next in Paris and then off to Japan like BATMAN

(Bruce Wayne is my favorite as well as one of the few characters making vigilantism look suave and stylish with his dark and behind the scenes antics) working in the dark (like BATMAN )

for the benefit of many people employed in your organisation and able to live peaceful lives thanks to you.

Such a lifestyle is owned only by the multi-millionaires – the likes of Mark Zuckerburg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page; also Bill Gates and a girl named “Kylie Jenner” (Who’s she? Her profile reads her as a “millionaire”)

Journey to Being a Millionaire has its own sets of risks which can only be bypassed through knowledge of both theoretical and practical areas of Finance as well as Business.

Following cases/life stories will give an idea to readers as well as help them plan out their path towards the ultimate destination of being millionaires themselves in a world where, thanks to technology, there are infinite level of possibilities.



If there is a strong go-getter, self-made, female entrepreneur who has followed her passions to launch not just one, but four successful small businesses; it would be Jessie Conners.

Her life is a true rags-to-riches story.

She went from a trailer with no running water – to an orphanage – to opening a marketing company at 17 –  to buying her first piece of real estate at 19.

At 20, Jessie was a published author, then a reality star at 21 (Donald Trump’s The Apprentice).

Jessie became a national speaker (speaking at over 1500 real estate conventions) and by 27 started her e-tail company

Now, at 28, Jessie is finally a multi-millionaire – and she achieved all of it by chasing the dream of becoming self made.

This year, real estate magnate, author and owner of newly minted expects to shatter glass ceilings with sales reaching close to a million from her latest endeavor.

By having a unique member model coupled with featuring over 300 designers that appeal to women from all walks of life, she’s looking for her Minneapolis-based one stop, online shop to almost 10 thousand members.

Jessie’s fearlessness and tenacity has wowed the likes of notables from Donald Trump when she appeared on the first season of The Apprentice as the youngest contestant to date.

CASE STUDY #2: THE GREAT ‘PEWDIEPIE’ AND ‘MARZIAmoney millionaire pewdiepie youtube

Knowing Youtube but not knowing who PewDiePie is a huge misnomer.

Felix Kjellberg (aka PewDiePie )and his fiancée MarziaBisognin (aka Marzia) are perfect examples of a huge growing community of self employed online entertainers which have raged over Youtube bringing forth an amazing Business Model which keeps both stakeholders and consumers happy.

Simply put, being a YouTube channel owner is easy but it is the maintenance part that is the challenge.

Google’s AdSense program enables highly popular channels to be paid per click based on the ads permitted on their screens before viewers watch any video of that selected channel.

For Instance, Alex wants to check out a video of PewDiePie and clicks on it.

The ad shown before the video is that of a product ‘pimsleur language solutions’. Little does Alex realise that the owner PewDiePie is being paid for it.

Tip: Work hard to promote your videos across various societies, friend circles as well as social media for….uhhh…..5 years till it starts giving you sufficient returns

CASE STUDY #3: INVEST LIKE WARREN BUFFETTwarren_buffet money millionaire

Knowing Finance and not knowing who is Warren Buffett?

Its like not knowing Who is Krishna. Buffett is the one man in the world everyone is trying to emulate in the world of investing.

Buffett’s success in investing circuits lies in a set of very simple rules which he has pointed out in several of his interviews and books.

First, when evaluating a company, look at the quality of the company.

This requires that you understand balance sheets, listen to conference calls and have confidence in the management.

Second, only after you have confidence in the quality of the company should the price be evaluated. According to Buffett, if the quality of the company is high, don’t expect to buy it at bargain-bin rices.

Conversely, if the company isn’t a quality company (like Apple in US or Infosys in India), better not invest in it else face the consequences.

Simple explanation – If you go for good companies (like Infosys and TCS) with high valuations per share, buy shares in small quantities for atleast 5 years.

For other companies like Tata Motors, 2 years. In the case of category 3 companies with good profitability but low Market price, buy in significant quantities (max 90% of your investment in shares).

One should also keep a lookout for certain events which might affect share prices.

A very good example is that of Kingfisher Airlines tumbling to 20 Rs. Per share from being 120 at a time.

CASE STUDY #4: COACHING TO STUDENTS FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMSmillionaire self made coaching technique

Coaching Industry is one of the emerging industries in the country.

In fact, from where can you get more positive points for helping others than by starting your own coaching center for teaching CA/CS/CMA students which is the most demanding student community in the country after Engineering.

A great example of success is that of one Mahesh Shetty who started his coaching business in the 1990s and is today the Managing Director of MT Educare Ltd, the first coaching institute to be listed in the BSE.


Franchising has emerged to be a relatively easier way to raise funds by emerging companies with a proper brand visibility and reputation.

It is an arena where both franchisor and franchisee are working under agreed conditions set by the Franchisor.

The end result: The franchisee pays a certain annual fee to the franchisor while the remaining are kept by him.

In India, the idea of franchising was mooted with the arrival of KFC and McDonalds.

McDonalds has a dual franchise agreement with Connaught Plaza Restaurants for North and East India while HardCastle Restaurants for South and West India.

This not only helped McDonalds establish its business in India, but it was in the hands of local businessmen who are aware of what the requirements are of the country saving McDonalds tons of money.

Franchising opportunities are also open for AMUL Ice-Cream parlours and other similar brands which encourage Entrepreneurs and localites to setup their Businesses with a certain level of investment at start guaranteeing returns in the long run.

In cities like Delhi and Mumbai, where cost of living is extremely high, such Businesses can help one to earn additional revenue.


Observations in all the case studies above point to the single most important factor which can help one to become a millionaire at any age.

It is: “Skills“. Having skills is most important for any person in setting up Business, working in Corporate World or in Showbiz.

Skills can range from mental to physical.

It not only includes studies but also social skills, Team Management and other soft skills which can help an individual get considered for project roles and responsibilities.

There have been numerous examples/incidents in the past where Engineers/Good students ended up having nil experience in office skills like MS Office or SAP or Presentation skills which left them out of plum jobs.

Finance is an absolutely important area of study every individual needs to do irrespective of whether he is setting up a Business or is in Service line.

Being part of a globally connected world means facing competition in every market, so having a proper knowledge of what you have studied either in Graduation or Professional certifications is a must which can help you strategize and formulate your product delivery.

Social skills is also important as you move in life, you have to deal with several individuals along the way either at home or in the office.

Its even more crucial when you are handling teams or in Business where only ‘tact’ and ‘diplomacy’ can help you get your job done by your team members.

A very good example on Social skills is Dhirubhai Ambani.

And our very own Narendra Modi. Both weren’t that greatly educated, but they are known for their practical experience, good social skills, oratory skills as well as man management which helped their respective team members or fellow accomplices realise the vision they had.

Modiji’s cabinet is one of the few cabinets having distinguished and highly educated professionals like Suresh Prabhu and Piyush Goyal who are tasked to handle Power and Railways which are the most capital intensive industries of our country.

Finally, here are the 5 habits to becoming a successful millionaire which can help you plan your path on being one yourself:

  1. Patience: Nothing is ever going to come easy. You can look at the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, as well as the other usual suspects, to realize that success didn’t come with their first venture.
  2. Many of them failed time and time again. It took patience for them to become successful.

I read an article recently about 36-year-old teacher Andrew Hallam who became a self-made millionaire on a teaching salary. But, in his spare time he invested smart and lived frugally.

2.Dedication: You have to be dedicated to your craft if you’re going to become successful.

Going back to Bill Gates again, he started his business in the back of his garage. Now that’s dedication.

Dedication is something we must learn from CA students.

One example is that of JK Shah whose classes are famous in the whole country and from where KM Birla passed out.

Legend has it that he had failed 10 times in IPCC (then called Intermediate)  before finally becoming a CA. Now that’s dedication.

It’s what I tell all my students. If they’re not dedicated to this, then they should leave. You need to be able to push through the barren periods if you’re going to reach the oasis of success.

  1. Ambition and big dreams:I take that to heart because even if you aim to become a billionaire and miss you still might be a millionaire many times over.

Take the Wright Brothers as an example.

Not content with creating a successful glider in 1902 they went on to create the world’s first airplane in 1903, making four brief flights in Kitty Hawk.

It demonstrates the importance of dreaming big because you never know what you might achieve.

  1. Learn from Mistakes:Every good businessperson will mess something up. It’s inevitable.
  2. What’s important is how you learn from your mistakes over time. Do you adapt after making your mistakes?

Always have a positive attitude.

For example, when Thomas Edison was asked what kept him going to pursue his passion of inventing a light bulb, he jokingly said that he had found 10000 ways how not to make a light bulb (a reference to his several failures before he finally got it).

Millionaire businesspeople always set some time aside to reflect.

Then they create a plan of action for ensuring that it doesn’t happen again. Most failed businesspeople put it down to “bad luck.”

  1. Focus on niches:This important! Try to take over a whole industry at once and you’ll inevitably get swallowed up by the competition.
  2. Start small and control your own niche before moving into another niche. When you master your small area, you can push on and expand.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to expand after you master your own niche/audience first.Do you have what it takes? That’s the question I always ask novice businesspeople.

You need a plan and you need the right habits if you’re going to succeed.