A couple of days back, I with all my school buddies went for a full on Chinese cuisine dinner. After munching on the noodles and dumplings, the waiter brought us the bill. The bill split was calculated. This articles with How to Make Money Online.

As everyone took out their wallets and cards, I did the same. I had money but that was nowhere close to the amount we decided! Right from instagram to face book to business, there are so many ways to earn cash online.

The present began laughing at me. I agree I was the stupid one in this case. With my wallet half dead and the debit card in deep sleep, I signaled my dearest friend to pay for me. Such an embarrassment it was! I agreed to pay him as soon as my wallet was revived.

This was when my view grew broad and wide. I had an idea! Want to know the secrets of earning money online in the present year? Trust me, there are many.

Make Money Online Now!

Earning money online ensures some extra emergency cash at your disposal or maybe you can save it for better purposes. Get used to these ideas so that you don’t have to embarrass yourself the way I did. Today we will discuss about some of the ways to earn money online.

  1. Online surveys:

There are a hell lot of products that are yet to be launched. Once they are inaugurated, they are open for a survey. You can influence the consumers by participating in a research and jotting down some great points for a survey.

  1. Blogging:

Without a doubt this has to be amongst the best ways to earn money online. You need to record some great content and publish it on your site. Try to choose a particular niche for your blog and write for it consistently. Build a great audience and you’ll earn in some time!

  1. Content Writing:

The internet has a lot of opportunities under this section. There are many websites that offer content writing jobs to people. These can be done in your free time and every write-up helps you earn some extra bucks. You just need to sharpen your vocabulary and add some emotions to it! People will love it!

  1. Captcha Solver:

I personally feel this is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra money. You need a computer, a keyboard and an internet connection. The task is very simple. There are many images that cannot be recognized easily and you need to do this task with some focus. That’s it! You can register yourselves on 2captcha.com and begin.

  1. Virtual assistant:

Do you think you are a creative thinker and a man with knowledge about the tech sector of the current trend? If yes, this is the extra cash job you are looking for! A virtual assistant (VA) provides insights to clients residing in any part of the world from his own home!

  1. Youtube:

Boy oh boy! This is the fastest growing trend and is the one of the most rewarding careers. Identify your field of interest, be it educational or technical and start uploading videos on the platform. You’ll need great content to have an awesome audience which will in turn facilitate good returns!

  1. Micro-Working:

This is one of the best fields to work online. You have to perform a variety of tasks like rating and commenting for some products and writing some small reviews and articles. The internet has a plenty of websites which include mturk. Register yourself and it’ll guide you through!

  1. Stocks and Forex:

Yes, yes!  I agree this is risky only if you are naïve and don’t have the sufficient knowledge about the field. Try studying the topic online and learn how to use stocks to reap some profits. Learn to trade forex and stocks on courses offered by Udemy.

  1. Selling photos online:

Are you one those people who loves to click photos whenever you visit any awesome place? Most of the photos lie in a corner of your phone gallery some time later. Put them to use! Many online sites like Shutterstock and Fotolia are eager to buy it out from you. This is one of the best ways under How to Make Money Online.

  1. Auction domains:

The internet very well knows the importance of a domain name. To begin with the process you need to register yourself on a specific marketplace and price your domain name with a valuation tool. If it is good, buyers would definitely go for it! That is easy money, right?

  1. Play HQTrivia or Loco:

To all the GK geeks out there, here are the games that help you win real wallet cash if you answer all the questions right! I know this sounds interesting. These games are the popular trivia games on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple Store!

  1. Proof read articles:

With every new blog topic surfacing the internet each day, there is a huge competition to deliver the best content in the least amount of time! During the entire process the writer may make a number of mistakes that needs to be corrected as soon as possible. If you are good with language, contact any blog and look out for a vacancy.

  1. Logo Designs:

Do you see yourself as a lover and creator of design? Give logo designing a try! You can learn to design logos using software like Adobe Photoshop and Coral Draw. Websites such as logoground.com are the platforms to sell your creativity.

  1. Affiliate marketing:

Hola! Some hard work and dedication invested in this field can help you fill your pockets and wallet. You need to concentrate on the products that you are familiar with so that the process of selling becomes easier. You can either create a website for your audience or join Amazon or EBay for free! This again is one of the best methods under How to Make Money Online.

  1. SEO:

This forms the foundation of every website and blog. The SEO is the study of the way the search engine works to rank your webpage on the SERP (search engine results page). Every website wants to rank amongst the top. Websites pay handsomely if you are familiar with SEO strategies.

  1. Freelancer:

Product designing is the next big thing! There are courses that offer great classes on this niche. This takes some time and efforts but once you have the specific skill set you can start freelancing in this section. A lot of freelancers are paid a huge amount for it!

  1. Sell out all the unwanted stuff:

Everything! I mean everything that is still in steady shape. Sell it on any platform and earn some extra cash!

  1. Participate in some of the online competitions:

The internet has a number of competitions arranged on its huge platform. Right from Photography to Tagline making! Identify your strength, participate and give your best. If you win, that’s great!

  1. Online itinerary maker:

This is quite an easy method. There are some budding tour companies that need your help to explore. Earn by making some schedules for them.

  1. Sell your crafts on Etsy:

I am a lover of art and craft and have bought a lot of pieces of origami and some art stuff online. If you are a creator and an artist with a potential, register yourself on Etsy and start selling your masterpieces online!

  1. Play online Rummy:

If you have pretty great free time and don’t know how to kill it, stop! Read ahead! Start playing free online rummy on rummyvilla.com and earn real cash every time you win! It is safe and completely legal!

  1. Social media influencer:

If you are one of the popular guys in college, I can guarantee that you’d have some great follower count. Use this to promote some great products. Start small and do it for free in the beginning. Once the follower count gradually increases, brands do approach you and give you some great cash to promote their products!

  1. Music:

The current trend suggests that beats and music have a great market ahead! You can sell your piece of music to many online platforms. The procedure is quite a simple one! Make sure it is fit for the public. There are many online vendors to whom you can sell your music like SongCast andGetonic.

  1. eBooks:

Are you an author inn making? Are you ready with your novel? Bind your words into an eBook and sell it through Amazon Self Publishing.

  1. Start an e-commerce website:

If you think this is too tough for you let me tell you, it is not! There are a lot of tools that you can find online to make an e-commerce website. Start small.

  1. Watch videos:

All of us watch a lot of videos everyday. Be it on YouTube or Netflix we love them all. How about you getting paid for the videos you watch? Swagbucks helps you watch videos and even pays for it! The videos are from a variety of categories like cultural, science and travel.

  1. Teach a language like English Online:

There are many people in the world who are eager to learn new languages. People from places like Hong Kong, UAE and even India are extremely interested in learning a new language. You can teach them through Skype or a dedicated professional website like Chegg Tutors. You need to register yourself and fill in all the necessary details. You are now good to go

  1. Narrate audiobooks :

Audio books is the new style of understanding any book. Visit the website and just play your favorite book. There are many people needed to narrate audio books and you can be one. It can be done online too! You just need to feel confident about yourself.

  1. Email Marketing:

Have you ever noticed your email inbox? It is so much filled with promotion and stuff. Actually, there are people who have to work for this. You need a target audience so that you can easily convey your message. Register now on theskimm and start working! They’ll teach you the procedure!

  1. Slogan Competitions:

A slogan defines a particular product in the shortest and the best way possible. Companies need candidates who can creatively write some interesting slogans or taglines for them. If you win the competition, your slogan will be rewarded.

  1. Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the latest and the best procedures to market your product. Many of the online channels require a lot of Digital Marketing experts to promote their product. This ensures that product reaches a targeted audience in a very cost effective way. You can learn a digital marketing course on various platforms like Udemyand also many internet books.

  1. Online therapy and advice:

Many people have ventured into the internet to find answers to the problems that they face everyday. People get stresses and most of them are unsatisfied. All of them are in search of some great motivation. If you know philosophy and go great with people you can register yourself on sites and become a volunteer. This also helps you get paid!

  1. Sell your services on niche sites:

Do you have the services that the internet wants? Be it reservation of online and give it a shot in your locality. Travellers are always in a dire need of instant and affordable services.

  1. Data entry jobs:

Data entry is quite simple. You just have to enter some information into a computer or a tablet by using some word processing software. You can simply get a job with no experience.  In short this is easy money!

  1. Online courses for studies;

Students all over the world need some serious study advice by sitting at home. You can be a tutor on tutor.com and help students with their science homework. You just need to have the knowledge about a particular topic.

  1. Dream 11:

If you are like me, a sports freak you need to download this app. During a particular match, you need to use your sports conscious and create your own Dream 11 team. Later, you can join the contest, follow the match and withdraw all your earning! Entertainment+ Dream11=Money!!

  1. Answer some serious stuff on JustAnswer:

Visit JustAnswer.com and become a verified expert on the platform. This is a site that connects some visitors with experts from various categories. Become an intellectual in a particular niche, register yourself and justanswer!

  1. Fiverr:

If you can’t really afford to make your own website then Fiverr is for you. Fiverr is a great marketplace with a lot of categories. Right from design to creative writing, you can showcase your skills and earn a lot!

  1. Test some websites:

Website owners want their site to be pretty good and also need a consumers’ perspective as a feedback. You can sign up to test a particular website on sites like UserTest and start earning money with minimal effort.

  1. Enter naming Contests:

When a new company is born it needs a great name to attract consumers. If you are creative and are able to identify the purpose of the company, you can set pretty awesome names for them. You can earn money here only if you win!

  1. Download mobileXpression:

Do you know that this app lets you earn money when you download it? Download mobileXpression and within a week you can play some game and get paid!

  1. Create some android apps:

Alright! I agree this might seem complex! Start learning coding and try applying it. Explore some typical idea and create your app around it. If its good people will download it and you’ll get paid through ads.

  1. A dedicated Instagram or a Facebook page:

There are many people out there who write for motivation, solutions and gadgets on Instagram or Facebook. You too can create a simple page with an awesome logo and wonderful content so that many brands approach you to promote their products and eventually you’ll get paid

  1. Start paying online:

Sounds wired? Let me explain! Once you start paying online you are introduced to a whole new world of cashback. Want to book movie tickets? Use a promo code and your online wallet will be filled once again with some cash. There are various apps that offer these services like Paytm and Tez.

  1. A Business event planner:

Businesses are growing at the fastest rate possible. Corporations love initiating some great events. The problem is they lack a last minute plan. You can suggest them some event ideas, themes and structure online and also get paid for it.

These were all the ways about how to make money online.


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