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Make Money From Facebook (20 Easy ways): 201911 min read

Facebook, we use it daily. But ever thought of earning money from Facebook or Instagram ?! Yes, these 20 easy ways can help you make money from Facebook easily!

Facebook – the vast social network in the world. There are 2.23 billion monthly active users. It is relevant to various kinds of e-commerce sites, blogs, small business websites etc.

Facebook, to your surprise, is not confined to post your beautiful vacation or party pictures, updates of your day to day activities, messaging people etc. But still, if you’re a Facebook addict, this is for you and you just need to channelize your little time to use it at its best! It is used and can be much beyond that.

I bet, you must have never heard about this: that you could make money from Facebook, in real. Startled you? Well, it might. Yes, the extensive or the unmapped features of Facebook lets you do this.

20 Easy Ways to Make Money From Facebook In 2019

And here, the list of such popular approaches is made to make you know how to do it! Depending on your strengths, skill-sets and interest, you can choose any.

So, get started!

Post it on your timeline

While scrolling through Facebook, I come across some posts made by my friends where they sell their belongings (of any kind) amidst their Facebook friends’ circle (or maybe, selling it to someone their friend could bring-like, by sharing their posts).

This is such a convenient way I’ve found as it prevents the inconveniences of selling it to some random stranger. It takes away the unwanted headache.

And, the selling is done most comfortably that too, in just a click.

Therefore, we may do it, too.

You must be wondering, HOWWW?

Very simple, just write about the materials, you wish to sell. Remember, you want to sell it. So, kindly make it as detailed post as possible with lucid specifications.  This can also include images, links, photos, videos-anything that would build your content well. To this post, you may tag friends, share it on your newsfeed, make it as your story or you may even DM this post to your desired list of friends.

This timeline post will be limited to your friends; you can still manage your audiences. To reach a broader audience, you may ask your friends to share your post, too.

Feel free to use your friends’ selling posts as your inspiration if, you need.

How Facebook Messenger is helpful in this?

Now if someone shows interest, turn-up to them and continue the chat on Facebook Messenger. This is a private messaging app, through which you can keep in touch with them.

You can use these messages even later on to see what they want, if they don’t make your sale, formerly.

  1. Join buy and sell groups

This is an extension of the previous approach. It allows you to reach a larger audience and it’s up to you if you still want to reach out to more number of people.

The style of creating the content remains the same except that; you need to adhere to the rules of the groups, selling policies and guidelines.  Else, the admin would delete or remove it.

You can search for such groups on Facebook, and you’ll even find suggestions to join other such groups, too. Which is your choice!

  1. Sell on Facebook marketplace


This is a free-for-all feature where we may buy, sell or trade almost everything in our surroundings. Although, not as specialised as the groups mentioned above.

As everyone has access to Facebook Marketplace, so they can easily share the post with their friends and can make you connect with people from far and wide.

Also, recently it has added some new features that use Artificial Intelligence(AI) that would make buy/sell faster.

  1. Make your own profitable group

If the above approach doesn’t give the freedom you want, you may start your group. Now, this will be powerful when you want to sell a particular type of product, like hand-made jewellery, artefacts, gift items, cards, customised frames, etc.

You can gain the audience by adding your friends and also, people with similar interest would stop by your account. This might give you a chance to collaborate with like-minded people, and you can attract a broader audience and may distribute work and sales if managed together.

It will take some weight off your shoulders.

  1. Facebook live video

If a camera is your weapon, Facebook Live can be an exciting option to build a personal brand. They are becoming super popular and might go viral.

live videos on fb

You can create videos to show how you use a product in real-time. Or, you can arrange for a live questionnaire session where you can interact with the live audience where you can answer their questions by viewing them live.

As the Internet is approaching faster among the masses in town, YouTube is not the only option left for the video thing fun.

  1. Tech-savvies are summoned

This is the least popular and the most reliable approach for people who love technology and are observant. YES! Hackers can turn in if they are able to report the critical security flaws.

It’s a long shot because the bug needs to be undiscovered by Facebook. But, the potential hackers can earn if they report the fixes to be made to the developers. Also, the Facebook Bug Bounty program lets you report bugs that need to be fixed.

facebook bug bounty program

This is for you if you love testing websites. You’ll be paid for your meticulousness.

  1. Become a Social Media Manager

If you’re into social media and know all the tactics of how to achieve fame, this is for you. The bonus point is, the responsibilities in all the social media platforms would be overlapping. But, we need to know about the platforms thoroughly to make them use at their best.

This is a perfect chance to work from home and make a part-time income with flexible hours.

  1. Search jobs

Facebook has its very own job board. Search suitable options for you. There are a plethora of options available for you. Also, there are many groups. Weed through and find the most active and helpful ones.

Indeed, it’s also a great way to network, find work leads or gather a few useful resources to grow more money.

  1. Invest in Facebook

investing in facebook

This is a smart approach for anyone who wants to make money with Facebook. And, guess what? You don’t need to have an account for this! Ironic? It’s because Facebook is a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Index.

FB is its stock symbol, and it can be purchased with any brokerage in our IRA or taxable brokerage account.

  1. Host a fundraiser

As the name suggests, it might not give you much or any monetary benefits, but can help you raise money for a personal cause or non-profit. This feature addresses various such noble reasons like, personal emergency, crisis relief, health and medical, etc. that Facebook community members are willing to support.

Crowdfunding is becoming too popular as it’s the quickest approach to help others with their financial needs without aimlessly running outside.

  1. Enter contests/Giveaways

facebook contests giveaways

Various companies, blogs, businesses and even individuals running their page-are generally, seen to host many such games and giveaways now and then.

It’s almost the loudest ever advertisement as it spreads like a wildfire, in no time all over the audiences.

Because, many of them ask users to either tag their friends, share the posts on their story and timeline. Though the entry to participate is free but the hosts make it mandate for the participants to follow them else they’ll disqualify.

  1. Earn Refer-A-Friend bonus

Online companies use this tactic to make their services more likeable amongst their users.  As word of mouth recommendations goes a long way in the field of advertising, hence they offer refer-a-friend bonus when your friends join by social media.

Just make it sure that you don’t spam with your invites instead create a helpful post that will make it lucid for others to sign-up, outlining how the site has helped you to make money. It would be even better if you provide some proof that you’ve gotten paid.

  1. Manage Facebook account

To manage the strange Facebook algorithms, it takes an organised person to do the job. Full-time earning is possible if enough clients are gained. Many such virtual assistants and social media managers make money by taking over the bloggers and business pages.

It’s strenuous because it involves an amalgamation of fresh ideas and creativity on how to bring in the traffic, how to promote content, how to make it lucid and fascinating, etc. It’s very time consuming and takes a lot of work and thinking.

  1. Become brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadorship = Promoting services and products that you love.

Therefore, you are being sponsored by the company to gush about the same. They know how important this feedback display is on social media platforms as it reaches a more extensive section of people in the shortest period.

Companies offer these to bloggers or those who are more active on social media.

  1. Become an Authority

In this, you have a chance to make yourself as a trustworthy person in some particular industry, you want to become an authority of. This way people in your Facebook and surroundings will notice you and would have an eye on you as it gives a powerful impression- this will attract more traffic and eyes will be on you.

become an authority on facebook

Keep making further progress to keep the audience engaged. To make it different, make the focus on regular question/answers session. Ask people to post their questions and be readily available to them to by providing answers.

This way you are not only promoting your products/services rather making them explore your entire industry in a nutshell, which is essential for the audience to place their trust upon before they give you regular sales.

  1. Through Facebook Ads

For this, you need to create a page on Facebook for your business or website. Then, you may share your posts just like; we do it on our timelines. Thus, posting Facebook ads will help you to reach people that are currently not the followers of your page and would also help you to make some money out of it.

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook ads is now; we can target audience specifically (like, by their location, interests, gender, age, etc.).

You may keep a check on the people reached and the number of people interacting, in any manner.  There are various campaigns; when it finishes, we can compare the number of interactions of the total campaign cost to calculate the CPC amount which is the cost-per-click amount.

This is an inexpensive advertising method when compared to the advertisements made anywhere. Think about it!

  1. Sharing links

Whenever on the internet you start something new and want the audience or to make it popular-the best way it to Facebook it by sharing the link. No matter wherever you have created an account with whatever content – Facebook will send the traffic to your site.

One of the easiest and quickest way to attain the audience. Also, you may mint money on monetizing your website by affiliate marketing, creating lists, email marketing, etc. Facebook would thus redirect people to your intended destination.

  1. Sharing videos

Facebook has updated its algorithm for the video content. This change was made to get a traffic boost for the high-quality content. Because people enjoy watching videos, but they lack the will to share it. Hence, this will bridge the gap between the two.

share videos on facebook

It will give more organic visibility which means,  any interaction with the video-volume high/low-viewing full screen-view in high definition etc.  This will show other videos of the same kind or from your collection.

  1. Through Facebook page

First, you need to create one on Facebook. You need to have at least basic knowledge about the field you have chosen to highlight or to earn money through.

You need to create lucid content and inspire people to join in with you. It’s not a fortnight’s work, though. Share such posts on your facebook if, you want.

Be consistent else; it will die its death.

You may also schedule your posts through various apps. Stay engaged with your audience. Be communicative. Make them feel you’re noticing their effort to reach you and appreciate your work.

  1. By Facebook groups

One of the best ways to make money from facebook. Try to make a group and keep growing members in it. Again, stay involved with them, anyhow. Be it through various blog posts, polls, question/answers, images, etc.

The multiple tactics to earn money through groups include, paid surveys, sponsored posts, selling your own possessions and also affiliate marketing.

In the latter, you need to paste links to products on e-commerce sites and you would get a paid commission.

making fb your workplace

The above mentioned are some ways to make money from facebook where you can use Facebook better and mint money out of it. Anybody on Facebook thus could make a recurring income. Though, it’s a little strenuous but, be persistent and take care of your audience. As its them that is making your business grow.

Also, there can be several other approaches you can think of to make money from Facebook. Imagination is endless. Your diligence in creativity will be tested at its best on Facebook, the largest ever social media platform.

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