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How To Make Money From Instagram 201910 min read

Who doesn’t want money? But how if it comes from Instagram and face book? Yo, in this guide you’ll learn how to make money from Instagram online in a week or two!

If there is any social media platform which has evolved the role of visual graphics over the internet, then it is Instagram. Instagram was launched in 2010, and within eight years it has attracted more than 800 million users.

800 million is a huge number, more than the population of the United States of America. Think of a platform where you can reach such a massive quantity of people without using your legs and can use this audience of Instagram to make money.

Well, Instagram is not the only social media platform with a significant user base. There are Facebook and Twitter too, but what makes Instagram different? Right, billions of pictures and videos.

Pictures and videos provide crisp, precise and easy to understand information which sometimes textual format is unable to deliver. Moreover, colours attract the human brain. So, Instagram is an exclusive popular social media platform which lets you share ‘information’ using pictures and videos.

Now think from the perspective of a businessman. You have an audience which consists of people who like to get updates in the form of graphics. You want to deliver your services to those people. But how to deliver services through Instagram?

Here arises the business aspect of Instagram. Every Instagrammer is a potential ‘influencer’ if she has followers (number of followers don’t matter). So, when the question comes, how to make money from Instagram:

First, you should know how to become a prominent ‘influencer’ over Instagram.

Second, comes the strategies to utilize the tag of an ‘influencer’.

Who is an ‘Influencer’?

Influencer“A person or group that has the ability to influence the behavior or opinions of others: The influencer is the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative.”

This is how Cambridge defines influencer.

make money from Instagram image and how to be an influencer

The role of an influencer (you) is pretty clear from the definition given above in an Instagram business cycle. You as an influencer have to increase the sales of businesses by reaching to audiences over Instagram.

And how to reach people over Instagram? Yes, photos and videos.

How to become a prominent ‘Influencer’?

As mentioned earlier in the article that every Instagram user is a potential influencer if she has any follower.

Let’s take a simple example; you go out with your friend to a market, you buy shampoo, you use it the next day, your friend notices a good development in your hair texture, and you recommend her the same shampoo, and she is convinced, she buys the same shampoo the same day.

Indirectly, you increased the sales of the shampoo company, but the company doesn’t know. You don’t get any benefit out of it (except a happy and good looking friend), or I should say no monetary gain out of it.

What if you had a group of friends when you went to the market to buy that shampoo? You’d have recommended the product to more friends then. Hope, you’re connecting the dots.

There are some characteristics which can be identified from the example given above to become a prominent influence over Instagram.

  1. Trust Factor

an image showing trust factor is important to make money from instagram

Your followers should trust you and whatever information you share with them either in the form of pictures, their descriptions, your bio or videos, and their descriptions.

You should be transparent with the followers about the post that is, whether a post is sponsored or not. As it is said, “Honesty is the best policy.”

  1. Connection

You need to interact with your followers regularly. How to connect with the audience?

Here are some tips:

  1. Remain active and post regularly.
  2. Posts should be related to trending topics.
  3. Reply to original non-controversial comments.
  4. Reply to direct messages.
  5. Collaborate with other influencers over Instagram.
  6. Don’t get into a verbal brawl in the comments section. Be calm.

3. Quality v/s Quantity

The most significant point you should remember. Quality of your content and followers can’t be compromised with quantity.

You might have heard of senile strategies such as ‘like for like’ or ‘follow for follow’ to gain likes or followers quickly. Though such an approach may work to give a few followers or likes, they don’t get you the desired results at the end – the coveted patrons.

Your content should be original, creative,  engaging to your followers. Moreover, your followers should find the content interesting and useful.

Fewer followers but great patrons make you better influencer than another influencer with thousands of followers but very few or no clients at all.

The market is very volatile, and only reliable brands sustain tough competition. You have to be stable for both sponsors as well as followers.

  1. Creativity Attracts

be creative

It is mentioned in the beginning that Instagram is now a social network of more than 800 million users. How do you stand out from other people over Instagram?

Obviously, you have a unique username, is there anything else, yes! Creativity Attracts

It is mentioned in the beginning that Instagram is now a social network of more than 800 million users. How do you stand out from other people over Instagram?

Obviously, you have a unique find in your posts which stands out on Instagram? No? Start thinking about ways of excellent presentation skills.

Divide an Instagram post into components and apply brain to make each and every element impressive.

  1. Picture/Video: search for similar pictures or videos on Instagram using hashtags, compare and improve.
  2. Caption: It should be short and catchy. Avoid writing stories in the description, let the picture talk.
  3. Hashtags: Use the most common hashtags, but in the last and begin with very new exclusive hashtags.

How to use the tag of an ‘influencer’ to make money from Instagram?

Let us quickly jump to the options you have, to earn money by influencing your audience.

  1. Influencer Marketplaces

There are a lot of online platforms where brands/companies and influencers may meet. Here are a few examples- ShoutCart, FohrCard, GrapeVine Logic, CrowdTap, AspireIQ and many more.

Just like you have options to register yourself on any of the marketplaces, brands too have equal options.

Companies/brands get insights of the followers and the progress made by the influencer on such platforms. That’s why online influencer marketplaces are more preferred by companies to promote their product or services.

It’s better to register on most of the popular platforms.

A happy company means a good profile as an influencer.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Quick Way to make money from Instagram

In simple terms, getting a commission on every purchase. Affiliate marketing is a step above digital marketing. Digital marketing creates awareness among internet users about a product.

Affiliate marketing focuses on sales rather than just awareness about the product. You can find some online affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon Affiliate Program, Peerfly, ClickBank, RewardStyle and many more.

seo and marketing strategies

You get a unique link of the web page of an e-commerce website which contains the product with buying options. The link is used to identify the influencer who redirects the customer.

Affiliate marketing is a straightforward way of earning money among all other ways to make money.

Pro tip: Usually, affiliate marketing links are long and messy. Use services like to shorten the URL.

  1. Sell Photos Online

You can directly sell your clicked photographs that you post over Instagram through online photo marketplaces. You have to be good at photography to make most of it.

If you run humor focused Instagram account, you may use your pictorial jokes, cartoons or animations to sell online. A few of the online photo selling marketplaces are 500px, Twenty20, TeeSpring, etc.

Moreover, Instagram accounts are a great way of showcasing image editing skills. This brings us to the next way to earn money from an Instagram account.

  1. Sell a product or service

An Instagram account can directly be used to sell a product or services of the account holder or a third party business. For example, high-quality stock photos can be printed on t-shirts that can be displayed on an Instagram account to start a small scale business.

An Instagram account can be used as a portfolio by designers, animators, photographers, and video editors.

If you’re handling an account which posts humorous content, then don’t be skeptical whether your content is useful or not. Every funny post can help you in earning dollars.

It is very vital that the followers acknowledge your posts. High engagement of followers is directly proportional to the value of content.

Post descriptions, text in an image, script of a video post and a bio are some spaces where a content writer can display her creativity to the world.

  1. Sell your account

An active presence in social media helps many intellectuals in figuring out tactics to gather attention over social media. If you’re of those intellectuals, then you too can make money from Instagram.

Create an account, help the Instagram account in gaining popularity, followers, and trust. Sell it to another business.

It may not give you instant earnings, but the period you put your hard work in organizing an audience for the Instagram account will pay you a hefty amount at the end.

There are online platforms where favorite Instagram usernames and Instagram account are available for a cost. You can list your account on such marketplaces like FameSwap, ViralAccount, etc.

  1. Sharing and caring

You may help the developing Instagram influencers in getting a large audience by promoting their content through your account.

There are programs by Instagram where you can pay Instagram for more views. You can utilize your reach to people in helping other influencers in getting more views on their content for a competitive price.

Hence, you should stay in touch with other influencers of your domain or other domains.

  1. Instagram for Business

There are two kinds of accounts which Instagram offers. A regular account and an account for businesses.

If you have gained millions of diversified followers, then you may need analytical tools to strategize your posts. Instagram for Business helps in getting insights into posts such as views, impressions, the location of the users who engaged with a particular post and much more.

business through Instagram

Instagram for business can help you in making a decision based on the performances of your posts. Of course, you’ll need minds to harness the benefits of an Instagram for Business account.

  1. Automating Softwares

To become an expert influencer, it is imperative that you remain active every day on Instagram. On the other hand, dealing with thousands or millions of followers is an unmanageable task.

You have two options either build a team around you or apply brain to make automating software. You will have to pay for the team, but the software won’t demand.

Also, you can sell your software to other influencers as they would be facing the same challenges in handling their Instagram channels.

  1. Be a critic

Note: It is a risky way to earn money from Instagram.

The world has become very competitive. The loss of one company may create profit for others. You can earn huge from a brand by becoming very critical towards its competitors.

Either you can display the properties of your product to influence the purchasers or the flaws of competing products.

Your Instagram account can be used in a scenario of fierce competition.

How is it risky for your image as an influencer? Negativity doesn’t produce positivity. Criticizing products through Instagram posts may give people a chance to open an argument. You’ll have to be careful and avoid yourself from getting into any controversy that may harm your reputation as an influencer.

You have many ways to earn money from Instagram, but all the methods require you to be an influencer. So, your first aim should be to become an Instagram influencer.

Remember, you need not millions of followers to become an influencer. A few thousand but original followers who appreciate your recommendations may equally help you in gaining a reputation among companies or brands. Start today; it is a long-term process.

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