Internships matter a lot these days to help you gain starter experience. Read our internship guide for how to get an internship with NO experience in 2019!

The present industry needs great people with an awesome knowledge. You need to have the exposure of the particular sector you wish to work in even before you start applying for any job. This is so confusing, right? But that is how the present scenario. Not only experience but internships offer you money too.

A couple of months back I had the opportunity to attend an insightful talk by a renowned career counselor. During his entire talk he emphasized about the importance of an internship as it is the foundation of your entire career. He explained how the companies in the present era can’t afford people with no practical knowledge as their employees. They won’t even bother training you for the job today!

That is true right? If we have a look from the perspective of a corporation we understand that they want skilled employees and not just people who know their theory well! These skilled people would drive the corporation to some great success.

This is the time when the concept of an internship comes into a reality. Internship is extremely important for the current youth. In your college days all you learn is theory and there is very little exposure to practical knowledge. These internships are the way to build some great learning experience. During an entire internship affair you get to learn a lot of essential skills that will help you in getting a great job ahead!

How To Get An Internship With No Experience In 2019?

If you are witnessing a glimpse of tussle to find any internship because you don’t have any great experience, don’t worry! There is a solution to it! Considering that internships demands a bit of professionalism and experience, the present situation suggests that it is quite arduous for freshers or graduates to enter into the way of interning without having some fruitful experience. There are various ways with which you can shape your resume to become awesome and favorable for any internship. You can grab those traits in this stage of life.

How To Get An Internship With No Experience In 2019?

Many of us have some vision in order to get a dream job. Do you know one of the secret to achieving your dream job? The answer is an internship! But getting an internship also needs some great efforts. There are n  number of internships that require some better experience. So in this entire confusion, how would you get an internship with almost zero experience? Is this possible? Great News! It is possible!

There are a variety of methods that you need to follow so as to get the right mindset for an internship. I have a prepared a simple guide to show you that getting an internship without any experience is possible! For convenience and better understanding I have jotted down three major processes that you need to undertake. They would be as follows.

  1. Analysis and Acquiring Skills
  2. Search and Registration
  3. Making your resume ‘Smarter’

So, let us begin!

  1. Analysis and Acquiring Skills

Analyzing your sector or your area of interest is the most important as well as the fundamental way of this entire process. Try taking some notes and advice about your favorable sector.

Every sector has a lot of sister sectors. Understand your area and make a detail study about it. Surf the internet and jot down some requirements that the industry wants. Consult some experts in the field and give them an idea about your plans and endeavors. Internships will be offered to you only if you are conscious about the knowledge of the industry.

Once the analysis is done you may proceed with identifying the necessary skills that are required. During an entire course of applying for any internship with just no experience, your skill set will fill up the cracks of little to no experience. The process of achieving some of these skills may look difficult on the surface but trust me, it isn’t as difficult as it is glorified. We would have a deeper look in the process of identifying and attaining these basic skills.

  • What basic skills does the internship desire?

Most of the internships out there would expect that their interns have some basic skills. These basic skills are required in every task you perform as an intern. Be it for a target or for some creative task, these skills would turn out to be extremely instrumental to get you selected as an intern at any corporation. The most common requirements would be as follows

Keep this in mind or better write it down on some post it note, this is the one skill that is the most important of all. If you have a good hold over a language like English, you’d be preferred over other candidates as having a good language is not only professional but also is the key to convince to clients or colleagues. The ability to communicate effectively lets you convert your vision, ideas and plans into a great presentation!

  • Social Skills or People Skills

Do you get cool with people? If not, learn to get along with people. Try  and be polite with the people around you. This skill will be like the building blocks of your teamwork. Carry yourself well, with a smile. Be patient. Remember that you should never ever undermine your colleagues. That is the most unprofessional thing that you can ever do. Though this skill won’t reflect on your paperwork, you need to keep in mind that the way you express your views about teamwork matters a lot to the internship.

  • Critical thinking

What will you do if you face a problem while interning? What would be your reaction? How would you counter-react? You’ll be expected to find the most creative solutions to some of the problems. Do you have the ability to do so? If not, try solving some puzzles and work on some imaginative problems. You’ll be good to go!

  • Technical Aspect

Be familiar with the methods of the computer or any machine of your sector. You can take online or offline courses or even YouTube tutorials to become an expert in Excel, Word or Programming. Learn the basics of the computer as it is a must to be digitally literate in the generation. Most of the internships connect to high end industries and they have some basic requirement- knowledge about MS Office. If you acquire proficiency in above mentioned area and of course hustle, you will have an edge over other applicants.

  • Extra-Curricular is Crucial!

Extra-curricular activities give you abundance of exposure. These are also extremely fun to do! Participating in such extra-curricular activities will give you some great documents and certificates that’ll turn the tables in your favor instantly during any internship application process. Try participating in such programs that you have some idea about. Once you achieve mastery in the particular field of interest, you will be favored.

  • Take relevant coaching

If you find any skill to be missing or arduous to understand, you may always opt for a coaching offline. There are a lot of institutes that build you up on these skills.

  1. Search and Registration

  • Searching for the right one!

Here comes the most important part of this entire journey. Searching for an internship requires a hell lot of patience and research. There may be times when you’ll feel like, “This is the internship that I always wanted!” Trust me, do not get too excited.  Scroll down or listen to what aspects are required for you to enter as an intern. If you do not have even one of the requirements that are set up for the internship, consider not applying to it!

Analyze that what kind of internship you are actually interested in. Is it an online(maybe work from home) or on field? Work from home internships usually have flexible working hours as compared to on field internships. Once decided you may proceed with downloading some apps like Internshala from the Play store.

You will have to fill up the basic information in the app and then you’ll be taken to the ‘list of internships’ page. Are you interested as an intern in marketing? Or are you interested in Content Writing? Whatever it may be, select your top preferences. The app will bring some recommendations for you and you’ll then have to select them accordingly.

On a side note, I would personally recommend you to not look much into the stipend stuff but you should envision the experience that you’ll get in the days to come. I have seen people applying for internships looking at the perks and the stipend that the company has to offer. Things never work this way! Most of them get rejected as they do not have the necessary skills and the few that actually go through it and get selected eventually leave the job as an intern as it won’t interest them for a long time! Avoid making this mistake.

  • Registration

The first impression is the best impression

So here you are! Have you made things right? Cool! The entire process of registration involves just two things- Submission of a professional application and cross-checking! The latter one seems to be easier than the former one. Your application tells a lot about yourself. Let your application itself create a long lasting, positive impact on the authority!  Most of us get confused while writing the application. Do not worry! Use the following points to make one great internship application.

  • Building the application

Consider adding your own points too!

  1. Keep the format and the language extremely formal.
  2. Check if your application answers the question ‘Why should we hire you?
  3. Let the organization know about the time that you can start at the earliest if you get selected.
  4. Add some of your best skills.
  • Cross-Check!

As precaution is better than cure, you should proof read your application and correct every error that you come across. If you are unsure of the errors, you may pass the application to your friends, family or teachers as well! Once you are confident about the application you may then submit it to the respective authority.

Do not keep high hopes from a single internship only. There are many organizations that will reject you if you don’t fit in their parameters. That is the reason you should apply for as many internships as you can. This increases your chances of actually getting hold over an internship.

  1. Making your resume ‘Smarter’

Are there any achievements that you still cherish? Be it winning a trophy for some project or any medal/ certificate, add these details to your resume. Never submit your resume in the form of a picture that is, in the JPG format. Make sure that your resume is completely is error free!

make smarter resume

Every expert was once a beginner!

Never get disheartened if your application is rejected. Apply for even more of them and keep analyzing yourself daily. See to it that you are absorbing better skills each day. The concept of an internship is to gain experience or some exposure so that you can sail smooth during your entire career. You learn a lot of practical stuff during the short internship period.

Keep checking your email inbox almost every day to receive updates about internships. Consult your friends and teachers about this endeavor. If you have some good connections with the people in the industry, approach them and let them know about your plan.

Usually, interns are also selected on the basis of their confidence and determination to give their best. Think about the experience that you will receive.Keep a smiling face as it lightens up the mood and spreads some great vibes throughout your body. You’ll feel better.

On the same hand, never compare. It hampers your progress. The more you compare, the more you’ll expect and if things do not wok out, you may start losing interest. Also, you should always insist for the selection as well as the letter of recommendation from the organization!

Happy Interning! Best Wishes to You!


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