Secrets To Get A Job At Google With Low CGPA!

Secrets To Get A Job At Google With Low CGPA!10 min read

What Are The Top Secrets To Get A Job At Google Even at low CGPA?

Google is often regarded as the corporate paradise. Since its birth it has always been the epitome of commercial success. And guess what! You can bag a job at google even with a low CGPA! Money does matter in life of everyone.

Let us all agree on this, Google is great! It is full of the best people in the entire world.  Google offices have the best infrastructure aura.

Try asking some grads about their dream job or dream company. For sure most of them would say, “Google!” Why do we all love the idea of getting a job at Google?

The answer partly lies in the value of Google perks. A lot of Googlers (employees at Google) completely enjoy this job easy cgpa

When you begin your journey at Google, you’ll be introduced to a number of great facilities. Do you feel hungry while working? Free tasty meals are the number one priority at the offices of Google.

Almost everyone can avail this facility.You can use the gym at Google if you are bored! Job At Google With Low CGPA is not that tough.

Google has also hired some professional massage experts that help you relieve all the stress and relax for specific number of times in a particular year.

At Google, you’ll never feel like you are at your office. It is like a dream land for every employee in the world.

That is the primary reason for the youth to dream about working at this prestigious company in the world.

As Amazon is the ‘The most customer centric company in the entire world’, Google can thus be referred as ‘The most employee centric company in the entire world’.

Google cares for its staff. It has always perceived the worth of its workforce.

A placement at Google is just like an adventure. You can work with and share your ideas with some of the most valuable brains on the planet.

Google is a machine that breaks down all the stereotypes. Googlers often experience a feeling of job satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

As I mentioned earlier, the current generation has always dreamt of working at Google. The majority of them are disheartened just because they have a low CGPA.

I completely agree that there are times in our life when we lose focus and get distracted. We go astray from our goals, get stressed about exams and stuff and hence land into some demotivating CGPA.

CGPA is just a number that once measured your level of preparation and nothing else. That doesn’t mean your future will be unprepared as well!

low cpga google job

You are not alone. Almost everyone at least once in their lifetime go through such times!

That doesn’t mean that you have lost the opportunity of working at your dream company. Ask yourself if this is all you want?

Are you loving what you are studying? Are you applying the stuff that you have recently studied in your daily life?

You might get enraged at me for asking such stupid questions. Have some patience. I’ll let you understand that a low CGPA can also let you grab a job at Google!

To begin with quickly grab a pen and paper. As you read, jot down some of the points that strike you to the soul and try connecting the dots.

Let us now embark on a completely wonderful venture!

  1. Fix this in your mind, soul and most importantly your brain!think google job

Hold on! Here is the great news!  Google will never ever judge you just on the basis of your CGPA! Read that once again, and again. Google is one of the very few companies on the planet who minimally bothers about your CGPA.

Google has broken the stereotypical notion that connects CGPA with success and smartness.  Google very well understands that your grades don’t really matter in the longer run.

Recruiters might just give it a glance. To work at Google you got to have some serious skills if not a great CGPA.It observes if you are the perfect blend of development and skills.

People who have got selected at Google have emphasized on the fact that they were hardly asked about their CGPA’s and were only called to the offices once they had cleared the interview test.

Now, once you have understood this, clutch on your hopes and don’t let them go! You need to start investing on yourself. Make it happen, now! Hence this step is imp in Job At Google With Low CGPA.

  1. Google loves diversity in its office!

Imagine this. You are a person who loves working on data structures and not really into mainstream coding. Google is a workplace for all sorts of skills and not just coding.

All you have to do is build some strong foundations and enhance your existing skills. Fill up your resume with minute details.

If you get called up for an interview make sure you are ready with your knowledge about the subject in depth.

The more you know, the more you can showcase, the more your chances of getting selected.

Understand that not everyone has been endowed with the same capabilities. You are unique; completely different from the crowd.

Never let the gloomy shadow of your low CGPA overpower your strengths. Be extremely confident and factual.

  1. Focus on the technology trend, EVERYDAY!focus google job cpga

Look around. Every single aspect of technology is changing. Right from high end hardware to intelligent software, every sector is metamorphosing.

There is an explosion in technology and science. Google is the pioneer of this evolution and if you want to work there, it expects that you are running with the flow and are technically sound.

Apart from just studying for college, try learning more about the advancements in technology.

Start participating in various projects and gain some valuable knowledge. Subscribe to tech articles and give them a thorough read.

Join constructive social media groups that serve your specific purpose. Keep yourself updated!

  1. Enroll yourself for skill sessionsgoogle job focus low cgpa

You know just the tip of the iceberg. Google demands professional skills. Get yourself admitted into some of the best skill sessions and understand every tiny detail of the topic.

You need to begin with a simple exercise. Identify the niche that needs to be fulfilled. Research extensively about the topic and make sure you acquire the skill set and move on to acquire more of those.

The more skills you possess, the more valuable you will be to the company. Skills are worshipped at Google not CGPA.

  1. Learn about design and productgoogle products learn low cgpa

Start making yourself aware about the process of learning various other fields other than engineering only.

Introduce yourself to topics like user interface design, graphic design, web design and information architecture. These skills will help you understand the deeper picture.

  1. Apply for internships as soon as possible

Start interning at companies once you have acquired some of the skills. We have to adopt the reverse funnel approach.

You should start small and move up to bigger and better companies like Google. Trust me, directly jumping for a job in Google is not really logical.

We need to start from a basic level. Internships help you gain knowledge about the professional world and give you a great work experience.

These are the places where you can afford to make some mistakes and learn a lot from them. The same work experience can help you progress to better positions!

At the end of your internship, you will be handed over certificates and a letter of recommendation which turn out very crucial while explaining your work experience during an interview.

  1. Contribute to open source projectsgoogle project internship learn job

An open source code is made available to freely modify and use it for developing purposes.

Contributing to open source development helps you in getting some valuable feedback from developers across the world.

Many people have agreed that working on such projects have made them absorb talent.

You’ll be able to understand how things work out in a more practical way and that is what our dear Google wants; a practical approach to some of the problems.

Please tell me in what way does CGPA play a role here? I hope you are understanding the entire concept to land a job at Google!

  1. Build a great resume

    google job resume guide

Try adding maximum number of extra-curricular activities. Google receives thousands of resumes and applications each day.

It is not possible to call each one for an interview. Activities add value to your resume and they also act as a filter that’ll help you get past the resume screening sessions.

You can have an upper hand over other applicants and your chances for the interview rounds increase considerably.

  1. Prepare for interviewsgoogle interview ready job low cgpa

Once you absorb the particular skill set, work experience and better projects start applying for a job at Google. It is best if you get recommended to the interview.

Revise and re-evaluate all your experiences. Practice all the coding, data structures, algorithms and equations.

Try memorizing things like powers of 2, implementation of data structures like stack and queue. Practice solving problems and explaining the entire solution to it.

Keep cool and calmly answer the questions that are asked to you. Remember, this is Google so avoid generic answers. You are here as a unique human.

Dress modestly and keep a smile. You will be asked questions ranging from skills of your field to your family background.

Make sure you are honest and confident. Also try showing some valid interest in the interviewer.

  1. Embrace professionalism

Being a professional human is equally important. Develop some communication skills. Make sure you are humble. Leverage all your skills.

Learn about yourself daily and make sure you develop with the passing time.

I would love to share an anecdote with all you guys. There was a guy who had faced the same crisis as some of you might be facing.

He had always wished for a job at Google. His confidence levels had shrunk as he had a very low CGPA. As he read more about the procedures, he understood that getting a job at Google was possible but was not at all an easy affair.

Yet, he kept trying. He was rejected for a whopping time span of 4 years. He was determined and kept on trying.

Acquired more skills and polished the existing ones too. Practiced some more problems, used algorithms until a point where he became an expert at it!

The next time he went in for the interview, he was confident enough about it.

He was hired later! The one thing that fueled him to this massive success was his perseverance and dedication towards his goal.

We all make mistakes and there are a number of times we have to face adversities because of it. There are times when we fail or get a low CGPA, but trust me, don’t let such trivial situations take over your aspirations.

CGPA and marks are just another forms of numbers that get dissolved in the thin air over the passage of time but skills stay with forever.

The experience teaches you work and professionalism. This was all about Job At Google With Low CGPA. Make sure you begin early and lay down the foundations of your dedication. Make it happen. Best wishes from my side 🙂

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