How To Find Your Dream Job?

How To Find Your Dream Job?10 min read

The college days are so much fun. We learn, enjoy and give a hell lot of exams. This article deals with how to find your dream job. Apart from business, some people are interested in other jobs.

This cycle repeats until you graduate out of college. Once the course ends, the recruiters come to your college to offer some jobs.

There are some who get graduated and don’t get a job.  Some land into a job that they receive in some random campus drive.

A few months into the company, a lot of them start feeling uneasy, cramped and completely unsatisfied. That’s fine!

The college to job is a transition that can be arduous to adapt to. There are plenty of responsibilities on your shoulders. You feel like quitting!

A research on thebalancecarrers states that a person will change his/her jobs as many as 10-15 times during their entire working life, with 12 being the average.

So, you feeling insatiable about your current job is completely fine.job dream guide

There isn’t an issue in it. Glancing at the current scenario, it comes to our notice that there are an abundant number of reasons on why the generation is dejected with their jobs.

Many of us look at jobs only as a source of money, don’t we? The present generation has defined jobs in a more glamorous way than before.

That is, they judge it on the basis of company infrastructure, perks and promotions. Of course, during your entire course as an employee this stuff is important.

But, on the same hand your job satisfaction is as supreme as other things are!

I stumbled over this wonder quote on the internet that says,“If you want to be successful in this world you must follow your passion and not your paycheck!”

This is so true! Most of the happy people living on the planet right now are happy because they love what they do! They are in a pursuit of their dream job and are living it!

A dream job should be more focused on the basis of the satisfaction status rather than only money.

I have seen people changing high paying jobs just because they weren’t satisfied and have ventured into their true “Dream Jobs”.

Let us all agree on this that, a Dream Job is completely different than a high salary job.

If you have come here to read about a glamorous and high-paying job, stop! This write-up won’t be useful for you.

If you think you were not satisfied with your earlier job and have always had a different calling at the back of your mind, please go ahead!

Fasten your seat belts!

I have made a detailed study about the entire process and have sorted it into 3 main stages under the topic how to find your dream job for convenience. Those are:

  1. Identification
  2. Enforcement
  3. Peace

Let us begin!


job dream guide-ultimate

Are you searching for a dream job for a long time now and yet can’t find it? Take some time off of your entire schedule.

Venture out of the vortex of your home to workplace and give your soul as well as the intellect some time to think.

Open up and reflect. You should take yourself to the past for a short time and try to perceive about the passion that you always wanted to pursue.

Calm down and make an attempt to answer some of these questions. Thus this is the 1st and very imp step under how to find your dream job.

  • Seeking answers:job dream guide

What did you not like about the previous job that makes you feel like quitting it? Is there a problem with the people, workplace or the structure of the job?

Is this a fantasy or a true urge to move on and do something else?

Is the industry my calling? If yes, what sector?

What topic makes you instantly interested?

What have you learned during the entire time of your job? If you were given an opportunity to switch your job with any other, what would be it?

I know that’s so many questions to seek answers to! Jot down every answer on a piece of paper and analyze every bit of it.

Be true to yourself while answering it as this is for you! Do not confuse yourself.

  • Analyzing the past:

This is one of the most important tasks you’ll have to do. Many of us feel that we left what we always liked and participated in a rat race that seems to be never ending!

I completely agree! Try recalling every bit of your passion.

There’s a friend of mine who loved robotics and systems but had to settle with some operations job.

There are people who are just busy making presentations for their seniors! It is frustrating, right?

If a particular subject is your passion and you have always dream of working in that sector, try searching out for jobs in the niche.

We all miss out on some of the most important opportunities and are like, “Damn! I should have at least tried!”

That’s fine. The point here is to connect the opportunities that were missed and searching them again. Analyzing the reason behind missing out on those should be a must.

Make mistakes but learn from them! A quest on finding your dream job will find its way to you once you begin evaluating yourself; your likes and dislikes.

Once we were given an assignment to list down all our strengths and weaknesses. This didn’t seem very interesting at first.

But, as we explored and ran deep down into ourselves we understood many aspects about ourselves. We all need to identify ourselves.

We need to work on our strengths and use it as a tool to take down the weaknesses. You need to understand yourself to get closer to your dream job

Why are we so much into identifying and stuff? Unless you understand yourself, you won’t get your definition of an ideal dream job! Remember! This definition is subjective!

Here comes the most important part of this entire process.

You need to start acting upon the thoughts and walk towards the goal of finding your dream job.

Identification was the step to acknowledge what your dream is while enforcement is the process that’ll take you to your dream job!


  • Visit a career counselorjob dream guide

If you are too confused about the path you are about to choose, visit a counselor and clear off every doubt you have.

There are many counselors that do this free or for a minimal charge. You can find them in your college career services more popularly called as ‘The training and placement cell’.

The alumni and your seniors can help you through. If these are not accessible, you can contact a private counselor.

  • Attend workshops, Seminars, Classes! Almost everything!

So now, if you know your calling you should be passionate about it. You need to take this seriously. Start attending some talks and workshops related to your field of interest.

Go out for some seminars or attend them online. Note the minute details that they have to share. This is the time to imbibe and absorb some serious skills.

Companies won’t care much about your love for the subject but would surely hire you based on your skills and caliber.

Make sure that you solidify it. You should start learning about it in real time or virtual classes like Udemy, Unacademy or Coursera. Begin taking some chances and stop limiting yourself from making mistakes!

  • Be open to people in the industryjob dream guide

You need to understand this point loud and clear.

‘Be open to people in the industry’. Start making visits to the job environment of your choice and ask people about their experiences.

You need to be polite to them and listen patiently what they have to say. Ask them about their job prospects, pay, passion and aspirations.

This way you also start making some great connections with people.

On the other side of the spectrum, be ready to receive some negative comments from some of them.

People will tell you how bad this idea is. Listen to yourself!

  • Study the work environment

Once you make some contacts with the people from the industry you’ll get a rough idea about the field of your interest.

Make sure that you do not fall prey to the cut throat competition.

You need to note if you want a job that has freedom or a traditional job of the field is fine.

Start making notes about the job structure, its pros and cons.

The job that you are looking for should interest you.

I agree money is important but on the same hand at the end of the day, you should feel happy and contented about the work and your contribution.

A dream job should never really feel like work, it should feel like a passion that gets you paid each time you work!

You can also start interning at places that offer similar internships.

The industry wants experience and if you intern, your chances of getting selected rise!

  • Resume: Good, Better, Best!
    dream job resume guide

  • Your resume should be lit, period!

It should have the necessary keywords that make a resume more intriguing to read. List almost all of your accomplishments, skills and credentials.

Once you go in for an interview, stay confident and greet the panel. “Why should we hire you?” should be answered in the most professional way possible.

Tell them why it was always a dream to work with them.

Thank the panel for giving you an opportunity to attend the interview. Be professional while you walk, talk and smile.

This whole thing makes you look more professional and serious about the job.

  • Networkingnewtork dream job guide connection

Once you have a great skill set and a fair idea of the sector, you can begin with the process of networking. Let people know what you are looking for.

Analyze if any of your friends or family are working with a similar organization. Start surfing the internet and search for various job openings.

Apply for them. Make a great, professional LinkedIn profile. You need to know every inch and meter of the work and its aspects.

  • Attending Job Fairs

There are a lot of job fairs in every sector, be it engineering or commerce. You can begin attending these fairs to have better access and save time.

Prepare some great introduction and also ask them any queries you have.

To keep yourself updated about these fairs, you may begin reading some newspapers that feature these advertisements.

  • DO NOT!

Read this twice, thrice or ten times! This should be one of the main take away points for you.

Do not believe in agents or people who assure you to get a job of your choice with some fees. Most of these guys are complete fraud and may get away after scamming you.

Do not get carried away. I just don’t get the idea of paying money for a job that’ll help you earn money as you just cannot trust anyone these days.


This is your life. You need to make the most of it. Consider yourself blessed to have the urge of living a life of your dreams.

Many of the people have settled for things that have never interested them. They are helping someone else living their dream while compromising their own.

Your dreams, ideas and vision are valuable. Once you find your job fascinating it is never a job again.

It is now transformed into beautiful passion that’ll fuel your future to rise to great heights.

At the Stanford commencement speech, Steve jobs said, “You need to connect the dots.” You need to believe in yourself and not into your destiny.

Destiny will modify itself only when you’ll love what you do!

I know this got a bit emotional and off the road, but in the end what really matters is what you did with your entire life.

Don’t let your older-self live in a world of regrets. This was all about how to find your dream job. Best Wishes to you!

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