Android Apps for Earning Money in 2019! (top 10)5 min read

Who does not want money in today’s date? But have you very thought about earning money through your android mobile phone just by downloading some apps? This is the right place for all those who want to earn money through android apps because this article deals with the top 10 android apps for earning money in 2019.

android apps for earning money

There are a number of apps out there but there are very less that pay you high amount in less time. Here is a list of top 10 android apps for earning money in 2019:


This is one of the most famous top 10 android apps for earning money. The simple logic behind this app is, you buy all the necessary things that you will be buying anyway from somewhere else, and get a cash back if you buy the things on this app. Collecting that cash back on all purchases will end up getting you a huge amount of money. The stores pay a certain amount of commission to ebates for piling up customers for them and ebates simply splits that commission with the one who has purchased from that app. Go download this amazing app and use it to start earning and saving.

ebates, one of the best android apps for earning money


This is another amazing app which provides you cash back on all the purchases. The only thing that one has to do is link their credit or debit cards with dosh. This is a little different from ebates as you don’t have to purchase through this app. Only linking the cards will automatically give you cash backs wherever you spend money through your card.

It also gifts you with some money on your birthdays and anniversary. People claim to have got cash up to $5-$6 on their anniversaries after they paid through their card at some place after having a party or celebration. This in general proves to be an amazing app for having a passive income source.


A very similar app like ebates and provides you cash back on items that you anyways have to buy either offline or online from somewhere else but it has a different working system. You need to download the ibotta app. Continuing buying whatever you want to buy from any store that you like (check and apply the available offers) and keep taking receipts from that store. Take a photo of your receipt and ibotta will give you cash back on all the offers that you selected while buying that product. Generally, within 48 hours, ibotta gives you cash back in its account.

One of the satisfied and happy users wrote this on one of the sites I’ve made $105.53 so far from a combination of shopping and referring friends.”


This app helps you in micro investing and build up your investing profile. It has a very unique way of working which is very beneficial. Whatever amount you make a purchase of, it will round it off for you and the difference between the actual payable amount and the rounded off value will be invested by this app on your behalf. You can easily download this app and start saving and making money. The only thing that is to be kept in mind is there can be tax issue in the future years.


Interesting name right? It complements the interesting app which is very beneficial. This app is a source of earning passive income as it provides you with money just to watch certain videos, search the webs, and refer this app to some friends and some other simple tasks. Go and download this app right now which will give you money just to spend time on your phone and internet. While you sit there surveying and watching videos, you’ll get some money to spend for leisure.


Healthy wage

This amazing app is supported by the government to help people lose weight. Yes you heard it right. This app gives you money just to lose weight. You just have to download the app and set some certain things like how much weight will you lose in how much time and the amount of money that you are ready to bet for that time period. The calculator will tell you your cash prize which can be up to $10000. Once you achieve the target hat you set on the calculator, you get your prize money.


This app will help you make and earn money faster than you can imagine. You can purchase grocery and get money within hours. If you want some honest reviews about this app, here is the link. You just need to fulfill some orders of others and get paid once you complete that particular delivery.


Love eating out? This is the app you should definitely have in your phone. You get paid every time you have some food from outside. You just have to make a reservation through this app. You just need to upload the receipt that you received from wherever you ate.


If you are a photographer, this app will help you make money through your pictures. In this app, you hav several different companies demanding different types of pictures and videos that they want. You can send it to them and if your ppicture gets selected, you can win money in hours. What are you waiting for. Go download this app now.


Trim app is just perfect for people looking for negotiating their Comcast bill for a lower price or lower their car insurances.

These were all the top 10 android apps for earning money in 2019 that one must know and have it in their phones.

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