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50 Home based business ideas for Entrepreneurs 201913 min read


Home based business ideas are a need for every stay at home entrepreneur. Most of the worlds’ current population works for someone else. This article deals with Home based business ideas.

These guys are slogging for their companies each and every day. Their pay is fixed. They have to do various tasks that no longer interest them.

I agree that the 9-5 schedule is tiring and extremely boring. Many of them think of starting something new and innovative but don’t really have enough ideas which generate the need for home based business ideas.

Today, we are about to discuss “50 Proven successful home based business ideas for entrepreneurs.”

Most of these ideas do not require any great funding or any talent. You can start earning all by yourself without disturbing a second of your regular work timings and you’ll start reaping out better profits once you get good at it.


  • Paper bags:

    The first point in home based business ideas is to create paper bags. It may not sound very cool to you right now but just give it a read and I’ll change your mind.

    The plastic problem and the land pollution issue is increasing day by day. Many of the states in India have now banned the use of plastic bags. People and many of the food and grocery vendors have come with a solution.

They use paper bags now. You can begin your own paper bag venture and it would turn out to be a great hit.

You just need to learn how to fold the paper so that it can take the shape of a bag. You’ll just have to –>

Buy some paper in bulk and learn how to fold it into a paper. Sell these at an affordable price and you’ll earn great as well as make some awesome business connections!

  • Embroidery jewelry:

    Such ornaments are the latest trend! I have seen most of the girls queuing up shops just to get hold over these.

    Great giants like Amazon and Flipkart now sell these products which are created at a decent household. Why is this among the best ideas? It requires very basic materials and some low-cost fancy embroidery yet sell at all-time high prices. Many YouTube tutorials teach you how to make such earrings and other fancy items! Have a look!

embroidery Home based business ideas

  • Blog:

    The next important tip in home based business ideas is Blogging. Blogging has gained a lot of momentum and bloggers are now earning a handsome pay through Google Adsense.

    If you think you are a creative writer, go for blogging and express yourself! Register yourself with Adsense so that Google can display ads on your site and pay you money. With proper strategy and creative content, you’ll surely receive your first paycheck from Google within 3 months! Great, isn’t it?

  • Youtube: 

    The emerging star for creators is in town! If you can handle the camera well and make some intriguing videos, you are always guaranteed success on Youtube.

    The process to earn is the same as blogging- Google Adsense. Currently, there is a lot of competition on Youtube. All you need to do is find a particular niche, explore it and present it in the most attractive way possible. Youtubers earn a lot of money and fame as well!you tube

  • Short Delivery Service: 

    The world today is moving at the fastest pace possible and people don’t have time. Use this as an opportunity and tie up with a store.

    Take orders from your customers, bring those to the store. The store will pack those up and you need to deliver them. And yes! Don’t forget to ask for tips 🙂

  • Packaged eatables sale:

    Trust me, this is my mom’s favorite. She is an expert chef at a particular cuisine. We as a family helped her in the packaging and she handled the quality.

    Within a month of our business, our letterbox was flooded with orders! Identify where you are great at and keep working, profits will start falling into place. This pretty proposal in home based business ideas is worth a try.

  • Car cleaning firm:

    Are you a student who always needs some extra cash at hand? Here is the work that’ll help gain some extra bucks.

    Begin your own firm and ask people if you can clean their cars in some free time. Just some soap, water, and a cloth will help you get started! Great conclusions have humble beginnings!car cleaning in home based business ideas

  • Tour map guide in your locality:

    The next dealing project in home based business ideas is Tour map guide. If you live in one of the historical hubs of India, you can always help tourists to the finest destinations in the city.

    This is one of the best business ideas yet is under-rated. If you genuinely help out tourists they’ll definitely pay you greatly! You can set up a simple website so that tourists can give you a call and the entire procedure takes place online.map

  • Nursery and Fresh flowers:

    Did you know that your gardening hobby can turn into an entrepreneurial project? People love plants in their gardens but they have a condition. They want plants with high-end quality and nutritious soil. If you can deliver, your passion will definitely turn into your profession.


  • Cloth printing:

    If you are ready to invest some bucks into high-grade printing machinery, then this is the best business idea for you. Children from various sports background want their names to be printed on their jersey. Once you bring this machine at home, you are all set!

  • Handmade stationery: 

    The current generation is all into fancy things. Right from kids to teenagers, all of them just adore handmade colored paper, pens, pencils, and erasers.stationery

  • Doormat making:

    This one, when made into a customized way, attracts a lot of customers and when sold into bulk helps you reap profits!

  • Tiffin service:

    All the house makers out there, this thing is for you! There is number of students who cannot cook and need your assistance. Help them out by providing tiffin service. This is easy as well as engaging!

lunch box

  • Decoration materials:

    Behold! The Festive season is about to begin. During this time most of the Indian households decorate their homes with a lot of lovely things. You can start making and selling interesting items like paper made flowers and lanterns. We all love our culture and would definitely buy such things!

  • Tuitions:

    This is my personal recommendation and would definitely help you while walking down the roads of minimal entrepreneurs. Pick out a subject that you were extremely well at school or at college. Take down the best notes and teach kids in a friendly way. They’ll recommend you as a tuition teacher to many others and you’ll flourish.

  • Glass painting:

    Couples generally tend to gift each other unique stuff and if their eyes land on the glass which you have creatively painted, trust me they will definitely buy it from you. You need to just observe some tutorials and get some glass and paint!

glass paintings in home based business ideas

  • A pre-school: 

    Get some toys, alphabets and lovely books! Teach those wonderful kids with a smile. This can be done at your own home on a small scale too! Does this need more explanation?

  • Quilling:

    Do you guys know what quilling is? It is like a form of origami where the creator forms great art pieces from strips of paper!  They can be later used to make invitations for house-warming ceremonies, family functions, etc.

  • Pet sitting:

    As I discussed earlier, people have got no time. They love their pets so much yet they can’t spend quality time with them. Tell them that you would take care of their pets, take them for a walk and feed them. This sector has recently gained a lot of success!

cute dog

  • Memento clean:

    A memento is always close to our hearts, right? There are many elderly and organizations that don’t have time to take care of their souvenir. Charge them some amount and get things done!


  • Spices and condiments:

    A friend of mine actually experimented with this business and has achieved great results from it. For spices, all he did was he bought the raw materials, ground them and mixed them in perfect proportions. People loved the flavor of his spices and he is running quite a successful business today (along with studying).

  • Making hand-made greeting cards:

    Did you guys make a simple observation? There’s a lot of magic within our hands and people love handmade cards. Use perfect captions and colors for greetings and these get sold at a very high price.

hand made greeting

  • Hobby classes:

    We are currently living in an era where we have to fill up space for a hobby while applying to any job. This is one of the ideas that need you to explore your own skills first so that you can pass it on to others. Be it playing a guitar or drums, learn first and then teach some people.

  • Baking at home:

    The baking chains charge a great sum for normal bakery items. Instead, try and test out various cakes at your own home. Add them your own special flavor and they’ll sell!

  • Content Writing:

    There are many companies out there who need someone who can write for them. They want people with great vocabulary who can write everything from company descriptions to event reports. The best part is you can work from home!

  • Stock Photos:

    This is the best! Register yourself on one of the stock photo websites and click some great photos. That’s where you’ll love your work!

  • Knitting:

    With knitting, you can help grandparents gift their grandchildren some warm souvenir. They can channelize their love through your knitted garments. You just need to completely understand the whole art of knitting!

knitting in home based business ideas

  • Etching over surfaces:

    Another dazzling home based business ideas is to etch over its surface. I have seen people selling pieces of chalks and some metal carvings. Surprised, I just took a deeper look. Artists etch on chalk pieces and create some great figures on it. That is loved by everyone and gets paid very well!

  • Mehendi design:

    Popularly known as the tattoo of the East, the Mehendi design has great significance in the Indian culture. One of my very close relative charges as high as Rs.5000 for bridal Mehendi design. That is huge!

mehendi design

  • Making great confectionaries:

    Because who doesn’t like home-made chocolates?

  • Tailoring:

    With fashion trends changing with every change in the season, people demand the best style. If you love fashion and its creation, then this is the place where you should set your foot on!

  • Typing:

    There is still a huge part of the population who can’t type on their computers. Such typing is required for various official reasons such as professional letters. This sector is very simple and requires minimal effort. You should give it a try!


  • Selling off Organic manure:

    Many of us tend to forget that we have the most valuable asset with ourselves which we throw out each day. Guess what? It is the natural garbage that sells for the highest price when converted into manure. Many tutorials explain in detail the entire procedure to convert the garbage into manure that is nourishing for your soil.

organic manure

  • Language Coaching for Foreigners:

    Every year thousands of foreigners visit your locality just to study our culture, food, and people. The only problem that they face is the communication problem. If they learn the basics of the native language at a fee, they’ll be more than happy.

  • Tester or Reviewer:

    You can test products of various organizations and give them your feedback. You can also promote those products and you’ll get paid.

  • Website maker:

    As a home-based entrepreneur, you can use tools available on the internet and make a design with great user experience, fonts, and themes for your client.

  • Meal Planning:

    With increasing caution about the food that we eat, people now tend to take some advice from meal planners. You can attend the course online and become a certified meal planner.

food table in home based business ideas

  • Basic Computers Training:

    The older age group looks old but they are very passionate about technology. They are always eager to learn new things related to technology. You can always go ahead and teach them all the basics with some minimum fee.

  • Laundry service: 

    Being a hostel member myself, I know the pain of washing my clothes and wasting a chunk of valuable time. I personally like the idea if someone is ready to clean my laundry. This can be easily done by people who take care of their homes.

home based business idea

  • Making Fresh Juices Every Morning:

    Carrot, beetroot and bitter gourd. Prepare these juices and serve them to people who go out for morning walks. They’ll be eager to drink those because everyone is cautious about their health!

  • Instagram:

    Do you know you can do very great by signing up on Instagram? Make a business profile on Instagram and post unique and intriguing content. If you tap the right follower count, you will be approached by various companies to promote their products. In simple terms, you become a social media influencer. Isn’t it a useful point in home based business ideas?

  • Rent out unwanted stuff: 

    Let us have an activity. Jump off your seat and just move around observing things. Around 30% of the things that lie around you be it furniture or any other commodity, can be rented out if it is of no use to you. Easy money, right? Give it a try.

  • Paint:

    The next useful idea in home based business ideas is to use colors and paint out the best drawings and get out them for sale online.

  • Freelancing:

    This is the most interesting venture in home based business ideas that anyone can ever follow. All you need to have is a specific set of skill. To put this into perspective, for example, you can learn product designing and freelance on various websites that offer it.

  • Gift basket making: 

    People want to give their loved ones awesome chocolates and great wine in a more presentable form. You can decorate their basket with colors and flowers. Everyone will surely like to buy it from you!

  • Application of SEO:

    Institution-based business ideas are nothing without SEO. Most of the blogs that you find online work on various SEO strategies. SEO is the way your website is ranked on Google’s search results page. Websites hire people who can help them with SEO and guys can work from home.

  • Fundraising:

    There are many NGO’s and organizations that are totally dependent on funds. You may get hired by one of these if you are an avid event goer as you have a higher chance of gathering funds. It is an important worth try home based business ideas.

  • Itinerary Planner:

    Assist tourists and create a definite planner for them so that they can enjoy their tour in your city.

  • Rent your vehicle on ZoomCar:

    The next suggestion in home based business ideas is to get yourself legally registered and sign up for ZoomCar. Now rent your car to others when it is not in any use.

  • Participate in online surveys:

    There are a lot of product surveys on the internet. Although they don’t pay in high amounts, most of the times you’ll receive Amazon gift cards. Whenever you have free time, take some surveys which will help your pockets fill again!


These were just some of the alternatives to supplement your income. These handsome home based business ideas are easy to implement. Most of these ideas were tried and tested by most of my friends, colleagues and loved ones. With a proper understanding of the particular skill and subject, even you can start your own business! Be your own boss!

For queries, comment below. Don’t forget to share these home based business ideas with your friends!

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